Indie Cred: Grantas

Grantas Music

Looking to bump up your electronic music IQ this Australia Day? Check out Grantas, a solo artist ‘making music on her foldable plastic IKEA laptop table’ – and beautiful music at that. You go Grantas.

Think a little Airling, a lot Lykke Li, Grantas combines loops of vocals, a mixture of rhythmic techniques and gentle tones to produce a swirling, soothing sound. Late last year, she released her debut single ‘Flight’, and we definitely love it:


This is a confident release from Grantas showing nice control and some experimentation – both of which indicates great songwriting potential. We’re looking forward to seeing what she does in the new year! Before we go, check out this live version of ‘Flight’, it’s lovely:



Happy Hottest 100 Day! We’ll be weighing in on Twitter today, hit us up!

By Erin Rooney


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