4 Reasons Gigs Should Always Be On An Island

The Wombats playing at the Channel V Island Party

On Wednesday, I headed to Channel V’s Island Party featuring one of my favourite angsty bands from high school – The Wombats (because let’s face it, who could ever resist their beautiful British accents). It was in every way a delightful experience, so I’ve prepared this list of four reasons why every gig should be on an island.

1. You feel like a VIP

First up, they gave us ALL lanyards. Lanyards. It’s pretty much a universal sign of exclusivity and self-importance, and to give everyone that experience at a gig where everyone got there just by winning tickets just makes everyone on board feel special. Plus they sent you onto the island on a little boat that you could only get onto…WITH A LANYARD.

The Wombats lanyards Channel V


2. It’s intimate as anything

For as much as I love gigs to death, I really can’t stand crowds. Maybe it’s just the Canberra girl in me, but I get sick of feeling sweaty bodies pushing against me in a mosh, and not being able to see anything (being short). But there’s only so many people you can fit on a floating pontoon in Sydney Harbour, which means less sweaty bodies and you actually feel like the band is performing to you rather than an infinite number of nameless people in the crowd.

3. The sound quality is better

There’s something about playing out into the open harbour to a small crowd that made everything sound less distorted, more fresh and clear. It was just music in its purest form and I really liked it.

4. The focus is all on the band

The reason everyone’s taken their little boat ride to this random little pontoon is for pretty much no other reason than to see the band and have a good time. And when The Wombats are serenading you with their greatest hits plus some new tunes to be released with their new flippin’ album in April, it’s pretty much impossible not to have a good time.

So the next time Channel V has an Island Party? You enter the competition dangnammit. Don’t miss The Wombats’ new album Glitterbug coming out April 26!

Also, check out “Greek Tragedy”, it’s a tune:

By Erin Rooney


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