Song of the Week: All We Need by Odesza (Kilter Remix)

Kilter Music Sydney

Kilter is one of my favourite live producers at the moment (along with Touch Sensitive) for one main reason – he shows off his musicality on stage. It’s easy for producers to play what seems like more of a DJ set due to the electronic nature of their work, so it can disconnect the audience slightly from their live presence. But for Kilter, percussion is a large element of his live shows, and you can also hear this in recordings of his original tracks and even his remixes.

Kilter’s recently released remix of Odesza’s “All We Need” is a great example of the integration of his own style of percussion into this bouncy track. Check it out for yourself:

But really, try and see Kilter live. He’s got a super engaging presence – as I saw clearly at Mountain Sounds Festival. And if you can’t get enough in the meantime, listen to his original track “They Say”:


By Erin Rooney


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