The Aston Shuffle – Photographs Album Release Party


By now, after about 7 years of being prominent on the Australian house music scene, The Aston Shuffle know how to throw a party. But more specifically, they know how to throw a GREAT party.

Last night’s album launch at The Soda Factory was the result of two years in the making of their new album, Photographs, set to be released tomorrow (Friday 28 March).

Casual, trendy, and with a hint of exclusivity, attendees passed the doors of “Bobby’s Boss Dogs”, through a fridge door to find The Soda Factory bar, a tribute to all that was incredible about the 50’s in America (pin-up girls, suspenders and fried chicken).


The bar in action

In addition to the past three years since their last album release, The Aston Shuffle made the crowd wait three hours for the show. The suspense was palpable.

When they finally graced the stage, it looked like they would be playing to a tough crowd. People shuffled around and nodded uncertainly to the music as the duo started their set.

But then things started picking up. They got their groove, and their energy became contagious. They had prepared some surprises for the audience along the way including the lovely Elizabeth Rose as a guest performer. Highlights included “Can’t Stop Now” and “Sunrise” picking up the mood in the room and truly demonstrating a complete visual and audio experience. As their final song “Tear It Down” arrived, the audience were greeted with the incredible spectacle of a woman dressed in a disco ball suit.


Elizabeth Rose making an electric guest appearance

It is evident that The Aston Shuffle have taken their time to make this album a polished, energetic collection of work, every track offering something more than the last. Do not miss out on the chance to listen to what is sure to be an electronic hit. Take a sneak peak of what it has to offer here:

By Erin Rooney


Electronic Trio SAFIA Drop Rhythm Charged New Track


Image source: Soundcloud

Canberra electronic trio SAFIA have just released their new single, “Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds” after a successful running in the Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2013 with their single “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues”, coming in at #76.

SAFIA have had a a slight hiatus after the hype from “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues“, but have come back well with this track, indicating that they still have more tricks up their sleeves.

Darker than their past tunes, “Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds” has some really special moments. Particularly noticeable is the intimate nature of Woolner-Kirkham’s vocals, which are maturing over every track released as SAFIA establishes their style. There are some subtle and sweet echoes throughout, and some solid harmonies that grace our ears at highlights.

But as usual, it’s that vibrating synth that is helping to create the signature SAFIA sound. Always present, it’s the heartbeat of the track that keeps everything together as the decorative sounds dance around it.

With a tour in process with Elizabeth Rose and an ever growing following, SAFIA are a group to keep a very close eye on in the emerging Australian electronic scene. Be informed about their latest releases on Soundcloud here.

By Erin Rooney