Song in Summary: “Streamers” by Wave Racer

Image source: ABC

Flashback: You’re playing Mario Kart, zipping down Rainbow Road. Or maybe it’s Robot Unicorn Attack in the library back in high school.

Nope, you’re just listening to “Streamers” by Sydney producer Wave Racer.

For a song without many lyrics (Hey!), he sure manages to keep this track moving. Punctuated with tasty little pauses, Thomas Purcell has created a tune just as catchy and mystical as his popular “Rock U Tonite“.

But whichever way you look at it, there’s no denying that there are some serious video game soundtrack influences in “Streamers”. And he’s really nailed it.

Purcell is bringing his own unique flavour to this genre (you can practically hear pixels flying), and will be showcasing this talent in the upcoming Disclosure tour in Australia during April and May.

Check out Wave Racer on SoundCloud here to keep up with his latest work.

By Erin Rooney


EP Highlights – Pigeon: Settle In

Pigeon Settle In Image

After seeing these guys live, there’s nothing more I can say about this EP than one word: electric (pun most certainly intended).

Pigeon has a strange, almost unnameable style that is addictive: jamming keys, crisp vocal effects and sexy, sexy sax lines. Yes, you read correctly, an electronic band with sax lines. You’re welcome.

For a quick taster of just what kind of crazy tricks they’re pulling with the horn section, check out “Crowhurst”. You may have to wait until halfway through the song, but it’s a great build and well worth it:

In addition to the sensual power that the sax provides, you just can’t go past Danny Harley’s articulate vocals. Better known for his solo project The Kite String Tangle, Harley certainly brings his mellow tones well to this EP, providing balance to the harsher synth. This is particularly noticeable in “Curtain Call”, a song that’s been floating around on the scene for a while and slotted in nicely to this set of tracks.


They may have just wrapped up their EP tour for this one, but are certainly a band to keep an eye on and a fantastic live act! You never know, they may even drop a Daft Punk mash-up into their next live show again…

Check out more of Pigeon’s music and keep up to date here.

By Erin Rooney