Song of the Week: New Dorp. New York. By SBTRKT Ft. Ezra Koenig



This exciting new track from SBTRKT will have you hooked the minute you start listening. Personally, I have been listening to it on repeat since its release earlier this week, and with a full album coming out in September, I know I’m excited to hear more. 

SBTRKT have a history of releasing top notch remixes and original tunes that stretch the limits of sound and rhythm. With the inclusion of Ezra Koenig’s (from Vampire Weekend) vocals, this track really hits the ball out of the park and truly deserves the title of song of the week this week.

Listen here: 

By Sophie Henry



EP Highlights: Lonsdale Line by Streets of Laredo


Artist: Streets of Laredo
Album: Lonsdale Line EP
Hometown: New Zealand
Genre: Indie Folk

Streets of Laredo are the friends you want to accompany you on an adventure road tripping across the countryside. A New Zealand folk group based in Brooklyn, NY, these talented young people provide a candid glimpse into life in New York through their Lonsdale Line EP.

With a traveling band spirit similar to The Lumineers and Alabama Shakes, Streets of Laredo nail their mix of jangling instruments in “Lonsdale Line” and “Girlfriend”. Strong melodies make the tunes upbeat, both describing a form of escape from the drudgery of paying rent and trying to survive as a young person. In particular “Lonsdale Line” creates rather strong imagery of the American landscape, explored further in the rather beautiful music video directed and animated by Chris Tucci & Steven Mertens:


The EP then takes a slower, more pensive turn with the tracks “I’m Living (Bedroom Demo)” and “Need A Little Help (Bedroom Demo)”, continuing to lightly contemplate the existence of young people with a sadder tone.

This is a short and sweet record that gives a nice little taster into the potential of Streets of Laredo. And if you’re anything like us, dreaming of the energetic streets of New York, you can transport yourself there right now with their music video for ‘Girlfriend’.


By Erin Rooney