Song of the Week: “Evie” by Last Dinosaurs


I can’t remember when… Last Dinosaurs last released a song. It was something like two years ago! So what a pleasant surprise when this week they dropped this fun beauty and came out of extinction.

“Evie” seems to describe two lovers that know that perhaps they’re not right for each other but they want to go for it anyway, because they’re “always gonna be a dreamer“. They’ve brought back their classic indie rock sound with slightly distorted vocals and dreamy swirling melodies. It’s a jovial, reckless song and fans will not be disappointed that they’ve held onto their iconic sound.

Have a listen:


The single is the first off their upcoming second album, and they’re even going on tour to celebrate! Check them out live at Oxford Art Factory (Sydney), Howler (Melbourne), Jive (Adelaide) and Amplifier (Perth).

By Erin Rooney


Song of the Week: Superfriends (Just A Gent remix) by ZHU


Chilling out while waiting for The Aston Shuffle to come onstage last week at The Oxford Art Factory, Sophie and I made a new, super stylish DJ discovery: Just A Gent.

Sporting a bow tie, moustache and top hat, young gentleman Jacob Grant (aka Just A Gent), can and will drop some serious bass. As if instinctively, the crowd last Friday night bounced along to his infectious beats without a second thought.

Don’t believe me? Just check out THAT DROP on his remix of The Aston Shuffle and Elizabeth Rose’s “Back and Forth”:


Lucky for your ears, Just A Gent has just released his new remix yesterday of “Superfriends” by ZHU, and we here at Vinyl Garden dig it big time.


By Erin Rooney


Gig Review: Peking Duk + L D R U + Yeo

Peking Duk Black and White
The last time I checked, Wednesday night was a school night. Yet somehow, Canberra DJs Peking Duk managed to transform the sleepiness of hump day into the hottest party in town at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney earlier this week.


Yeo under bright lights

Things were pretty energetic from the get-go. With a minimalism-inspired light show, Yeo showed charisma that made for a light and bright mood, and it’s this that made this electronic performance stand out just that little bit more. He had a controlled voice with just the right amount of effects, and a great rapport with the drummer that led to a tight performance, ending the set together with a triumphant fist bump. For a taste, take a listen to his track “KOBE”:

L D R U dj set

L D R U DJ set

In what seemed like a transition from an artsy gig to a dance party, L D R U stepped in to get people bouncing. He played some crowd-pleasers, and the room got moving, but eventually restlessness caught up with the audience as they shuffled around, ready for the main act. I’ve since stumbled across his impressive Flume remix – something worth getting in your ears immediately:

Introduced by the theme to Space Odyssey, Peking Duk made quite the entrance, shouting all sorts of profanities in preparation for what promised to be a wild (and sweaty) night. One needed only look at the amount of Peking Duk bucket hats in the audience to observe that this sold-out show was an audience of fans, and shirts were flying off backs by the minute.

Yeo partying up with Peking Duk

Yeo partying up with Peking Duk

The sheer diversity of tracks that they covered was particularly striking (songs from The Lion King, Miley Cyrus, The Isley Brothers, Drake and The Beatles all featured) – that, paired with the fact that the songs cut in and out as quickly as they’d begun. The pair would also frequently turn off the music altogether to remind the audience to “take their shirts off” and ask if they were “ready to party”. The whole show was incredibly interactive – people were constantly invited on stage to crowd surf, Yeo was invited back on for a song, and as a somewhat unexpected surprise (see: SAFIA social media over the past few months), lead singer of SAFIA Ben Woolner-Kirkham joined the stage for their new collaborative track (set to be released in two weeks!).

But the final song of the night, “High”, was the one that really blew the roof off. If you haven’t already, get amongst it:

Peking Duk are an unmissable DJ act – for those lucky enough to have tickets they will be partying up again at Oxford Art Factory tonight! For everyone else, keep an ear out for their new single with SAFIA that’s just around the corner…

By Erin Rooney


Gig Review: RY X + Little May

Heading down the dimly lit stairs of the Oxford Art Factory on Tuesday night, I had no idea at all what to expect from the night ahead. The crowd consisted of a mixture of Sydney’s finest hipsters and music gurus and the atmosphere was calm, collected and slightly electric.

RY X (Ry Cumming), the man I had come to see, is an Australian musician who left the country over ten years ago to pursue his artistic dreams, never looking back and until now never coming back. Since leaving Australia he has based himself between LA and Berlin, growing his music and gaining influence from these incredible artistic hubs.

The night began with support act Little May showing off their incredible vocal, instrumental and lyrical abilities, every song captured my attention and kept the audience enticed. The harmonising of the vocalists was a sure highlight, and of course who doesn’t love a bit of girl power.


As the curtains closed to prepare for the main act, the room begin to fill up and the smell of incense took over, creating a chilled out atmosphere. As RY X has only properly released four tracks, there was really no certainty as to what sort of show he would put on, but as soon as the curtains opened, with the haunting display of candles and incredible back lighting, I knew I was in for a treat.

As Ry emerged onto the stage, looking like a beautifully mismatched scarecrow, the music slowly began and his raw yet powerful voice took over. With the slow beats of the drum thumping across the room, the music really did take control in a rather mesmerising manner. Throughout the show he spoke about the artistic approach he takes with his music and the importance of allowing for simple sounds to grow and create magnificent works, and the importance of this truly came across in his performance. In addition to this, his obvious pleasure at being back in Australia was evident, with him saying “thank you for coming” at every opportunity, only making the crowd love him more. Highlights came from his performances of ‘Berlin’ and ‘Shortline’ with their calming qualities and emotive abilities.

Although RY X has already left Australian turf, and who knows when he will be back, his musical presence is most definitely growing in the industry and he truly is one to keep an eye on over the next few years.

Check out his track ‘Berlin’ to get a taste:

By Sophie Henry


Gig Review: Elizabeth Rose + SAFIA + Fishing

The Oxford Art Factory never fails to provide the perfect balance between intimacy and buzz in a crowd, the ingredients of which make for a great Sydney gig. And the audience was certainly in for a treat on Saturday with solid sets from electronic acts Fishing, SAFIA and Elizabeth Rose.

Starting with a pulled back performance by Fishing, the night took on a very chilled atmosphere as everyone had a beer and a good chat. Their simple, dulcet tones made for some very easy listening, adding a touch of danceable beat occasionally, including a stunning performance of “Choy Lin”.


SAFIA Tearing It Down

Then Canberra electronic trio SAFIA graced the stage and pulled together a full crowd to experience a tight performance. Whilst it took a moment or two to adjust their mixing mojo and awaken the relaxed audience, SAFIA produced a standout sound, receiving particularly intense reactions from the crowd to their remix of The Aston Shuffle’s “Tear It Down” and their popular single “Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues”. An energetic and tingling cover of James Vincent McMorrow’s “Cavalier” was also just one unexpected trick up their sleeves.

Elizabeth Rose and her rockin' light show

Elizabeth Rose and her rockin’ light show

Finally, the electric Elizabeth Rose brought her own unique energy to the show with a sporty-stylish getup and her silky smooth tunes. Her echoing vocal effects engaged the crowd as she strutted her stuff with songs such as the catchy “Sensibility” and a fun rendition of Corona’s “Rhythm Of The Night”. Her positive vibes were contagious, naming the gig as the “best one so far” on the tour.


Elizabeth Rose is now wrapping up her tour on the west coast of Australia, and you can also catch SAFIA supporting Lorde in her upcoming Australia tour.

By Erin Rooney