Six Female Australian Music Producers To Watch

Eves The Behaviour It absolutely baffles me that although Australia has so many channels to support upcoming musicians (eg. festival opportunities, music-dedicated radio stations, music bloggers (hello!) and music magazines/street presses), the music industry is still overwhelmingly male-dominated.

I have been particularly curious as to why the electronic music space hasn’t seen more female producers being given the support and recognition they deserve, so I felt the need to create this little list to bring some very talented ladies that I have come across to the forefront. I was even startled in my research for this just how many amazing female producers I found suggested from overseas (particularly from the UK), yet somehow much fewer here. So please, enjoy, and most of all – spread the word!

1. Eves The Behavior

Ok, so I may have even cheated from the very start of this list – I don’t know if I’d called Eves The Behavior an exclusively electronic producer as her genre certainly touches pop, but her heavy synth sound does generate a very electronic feel. She has synesthesia, seeing colours when she experiences music, which might explain why her tracks are so emotionally charged. She has described her latest track “TV” as being a “dark, murky green”. Have a listen:



I stumbled across Melbourne singer-songwriter MYAMI on triple j unearthed the other day and was incredibly impressed by the amount of thought that has gone into her track “Soldier”, a collab with producer Wayfarer. It’s subtle, restrained, yet powerful. It’s the only song of hers I can find right now, but if it’s anything to go off, I can say she is certainly destined for big things.


3. JOY

You may have heard JOY joining forces with Peking Duk for a Like A Version cover of “Take Me Over” – and if so, you’d know she’s gentle yet controlled in her style. Her original songs are even more beautiful, and with collabs like that under her belt, it’s safe to say we will be hearing a lot more from her in the coming years.


4. Alison Wonderland

Of all the lovely ladies on this list, Alison Wonderland is probably the most widely known, with a harder style, and she’s the artist that everyone seems to have an opinion about. But whatever your thoughts are about her, there is no doubt she is making waves and playing with the big fish in the industry – so all the power in the world to you AW. She’s just released her first album, Run, so there are plenty of tracks for you to check out.


5. Elizabeth Rose

Last year she was all over the Australian music scene, constantly touring and releasing singles, even doing a trip to the US, but this year it seems she’s been awfully quiet. That being said, she did release this song a couple of weeks ago, so maybe it’s all a sign that she’s got some new big things in the works:


6. Airling

After seeing Airling support James Vincent McMorrow, I’m convinced that she’s gonna be a big thing, and when she releases tender collabs with Japanese Wallpaper like “Forces”, you can’t help but love her:


Also, if you haven’t checked out Tkay Maidza yet, you’d better go do that.

But this list is by no means exhaustive! Please write back and tell me which female producers you’ve been loving at the moment. Or if you’re an artist wanting to get featured, please do drop us an email at editors.vinylgarden@gmail.com! Happy listening all!

By Erin Rooney


Producer Spotlight: Maybe by Carmada (Empia Remix)


If you already love fellow Aussie producers collabing with each other (eg. SAFIA and Peking Duk, Yahtzel and LDRU), then chances are you will love Sydney-sider Empia‘s remix of “Maybe” by Carmada (Yahtzel and LDRU‘s collab). The original track is already a mighty fine tune, but Empia, AKA Carl Elliott, removes some of the intensity in the drops and instead builds up a future bass/trap feel in his remix. It is super danceable, so it gets an instant thumbs up from us:

Head on over to Empia’s soundcloud for a lot more great remixes and some original tracks. He’s even playing at Groovin The Moo in Maitland, so you can catch his no-doubt bouncin’ live set.

By Erin Rooney


Vinyl Garden’s Top Song Picks For 2014

Best of 2014

2014 has been an absolutely incredible year for music – and even more so, for Australian music. For us, it’s been an enormous year of gig going, opening our minds to what support acts are offering and experiencing all that the Australian music scene has to offer firsthand through our stints at The BRAG and FBi Radio. We thought we would celebrate by posting our top song picks for the year in the form of our top 10 votes for the Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown.


Erin’s Hottest 100 Picks:


Erin: This year has seen a particularly interesting development in Australian electronic music and this is why there is a fairly high representation of electronic artists in my votes. ‘Gooey’ has got to be my standout track of the year, but then again, to me these are all outstanding tracks. Other artists that I think should have deserved a mention here include: Basenji with ‘Heirloom’, ODESZA for ‘Memories That You Call’ and Ball Park Music….for all of Puddinghead. I absolutely can’t wait for what next year will bring. Hope it’s almost as many gigs as this year!


Sophie’s Hottest 100 Picks:


Sophie: 2014 has been such an outstanding year for music and I really can’t wait to see what 2015 holds. Like Erin, I found Asgeir’s and Chet Faker’s albums to be standouts. Flight Facilities also definitely deserve a mention and it’s great that Vance Joy proved that he was more than a one-hit wonder with ‘Georgia’. Can’t wait for even more music to come!


So that’s our wrap for the Hottest 100. But before we go:

What we want to win the Hottest 100: ‘Gooey’ by Glass Animals

What we think will win: ‘High’ by Peking Duk


And with that, Sophie is off camping in New Zealand and Erin is off to Falls Festival in Byron Bay! Thanks for reading this year guys and see you in the new year for more Vinyl Garden!

Soph and Erin x


Gig Review: Peking Duk + L D R U + Yeo

Peking Duk Black and White
The last time I checked, Wednesday night was a school night. Yet somehow, Canberra DJs Peking Duk managed to transform the sleepiness of hump day into the hottest party in town at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney earlier this week.


Yeo under bright lights

Things were pretty energetic from the get-go. With a minimalism-inspired light show, Yeo showed charisma that made for a light and bright mood, and it’s this that made this electronic performance stand out just that little bit more. He had a controlled voice with just the right amount of effects, and a great rapport with the drummer that led to a tight performance, ending the set together with a triumphant fist bump. For a taste, take a listen to his track “KOBE”:

L D R U dj set

L D R U DJ set

In what seemed like a transition from an artsy gig to a dance party, L D R U stepped in to get people bouncing. He played some crowd-pleasers, and the room got moving, but eventually restlessness caught up with the audience as they shuffled around, ready for the main act. I’ve since stumbled across his impressive Flume remix – something worth getting in your ears immediately:

Introduced by the theme to Space Odyssey, Peking Duk made quite the entrance, shouting all sorts of profanities in preparation for what promised to be a wild (and sweaty) night. One needed only look at the amount of Peking Duk bucket hats in the audience to observe that this sold-out show was an audience of fans, and shirts were flying off backs by the minute.

Yeo partying up with Peking Duk

Yeo partying up with Peking Duk

The sheer diversity of tracks that they covered was particularly striking (songs from The Lion King, Miley Cyrus, The Isley Brothers, Drake and The Beatles all featured) – that, paired with the fact that the songs cut in and out as quickly as they’d begun. The pair would also frequently turn off the music altogether to remind the audience to “take their shirts off” and ask if they were “ready to party”. The whole show was incredibly interactive – people were constantly invited on stage to crowd surf, Yeo was invited back on for a song, and as a somewhat unexpected surprise (see: SAFIA social media over the past few months), lead singer of SAFIA Ben Woolner-Kirkham joined the stage for their new collaborative track (set to be released in two weeks!).

But the final song of the night, “High”, was the one that really blew the roof off. If you haven’t already, get amongst it:

Peking Duk are an unmissable DJ act – for those lucky enough to have tickets they will be partying up again at Oxford Art Factory tonight! For everyone else, keep an ear out for their new single with SAFIA that’s just around the corner…

By Erin Rooney