Artists We Love: Yoke



This week a standout group from the Sydney music scene, with their freshly released single ‘Burden’ and soon to be released EP ‘Jabiluka’ are the Indie Pop trio, Yoke.

Corin Ileto, Julian Boswell, and Kyle Linahan, the three members of the group offer up a cool and rather modern sound that also draws upon some of the best bits of the 80’s and 90’s to create a rather nostalgic yet current pop approach. ‘Burden’ is their only release so far, but it gives an exciting taste of what they have to offer and what to expect from them in the future.  Kyle Linahan’s vocal strength really is a stand out, his sound is interesting and has been perfectly mixed with the more subtle yet supportive instrumentals. The music video for ‘Burden’ is really quite beautiful, but also a bit edgy, featuring some of Sydney’s more grungy cityscapes, and perfectly reflecting the urban yet clean image and sound of the group.

This Saturday be sure to check out Yoke at FBi Social, undertaking their first ever public performance featuring tracks off their new record ‘Jabiluka’. Their EP, which was recorded with Nik Kaloper from The Jezabels, is due to be released in September this year.


By Sophie Henry



Song of the Week: Talk Too Much by Andy Bull

Andy Bull Talk Too MuchAndy Bull and his characteristically androgynous voice are exploring a refreshing new sound in his single, “Talk Too Much”. 

Featuring a choral-like intro that seems to be popular at the moment (check out I Got U – Duke DuMont, Jax), some pretty festive drum hits and a catchy walking synth line, it’s a super fun listen – perfect for your drive home or a cheeky start to your day!

This artist’s got a really special voice and even more personality (just listen to him talking on any radio show ever), he’s definitely an interesting Sydney producer to keep an eye on.

Look out for Andy Bull’s upcoming album, Sea of Approval to be released July 11 this year. 

By Erin Rooney


Album Review: Nose Dive by Saskwatch


Artist: Saskwatch
Album: Nose Dive
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria
Genre: Indie Pop

One listen to Saskwatch‘s new record Nose Dive will have you caught between boppin’ like no one’s watching, air guitaring, and swaying in soft appreciation, all in the space of eleven strong tracks. 

With such an abundance of electronica on the Australian music scene at the moment, it sure is a relief to be reminded that there are still people out there who play real, physical musical instruments. And there are nine of them in Saskwatch!

Balancing the sound of such a large band can be dangerous, but Saskwatch seem to manage it effortlessly in this album. You could almost believe they were a four or five-piece in “Give Me A Reason”, but then the horn section makes an appearance, in all its glory.

“You Don’t Have To Wait” introduces just how silky-smooth the soul vocal stylings of Nkechi Anele can get – something that remains prevalent throughout the rest of the album. (As a quick side track, if you want your ears to go to soul heaven, check out this sweet duet of Chet Faker & Nkechi here).

The catchiest track on the album would probably have to be “Born To Break Your Heart”, but “Hands” comes in at a close second. Then your heart is in for a softer, sweeter treat with “Now That We’re Alone” having the final word.


Saskwatch’s only downfall in Nose Dive is sometimes seeming repetitive with their sound; even while their style varies from song to song, tracks can be hard to distinguish between, favouring similar chord changes. But this considered, each song has its own hidden treasures.

Catch Saskwatch as another wonderful addition to the Splendour In The Grass line up and be sure to listen up to their tunes first so you can belt along! Nose Dive is out now.

By Erin Rooney


Song In Summary: “I Might Survive” by Architecture in Helsinki


Image Source: Music Feeds

Architecture in Helsinki are back in their indie pop glory with a full Andy Warhol-esque makeover for their new album Now + 4EVA, released on Friday.

But besides bringing back SMS language what do they have to offer this time around?

…A nostalgic throwback to the early 2000s, that’s what!

Just check out their tune “I Might Survive”. It’s school discos, scrunchies, rubber bracelets and flip phones all in one catchy, catchy song.

There’s some definite Kylie Minogue influences in this track, from the poppy beat, Kellie Sutherland’s fun vocals to the full choruses. If you don’t believe me, just have a listen to Can’t Get You Outta My Head. But there’s still some remnants of their older style too with that jumpy synth, reminiscent of their 2012 hit “Contact High“.

A solid release from Architecture in Helsinki, check out the rest of the album on Spotify or grab a copy! Keep up to date on their website and be sure to catch them touring soon in the lineup for the Groovin The Moo festival!

By Erin Rooney