Song of the Week: Lay Me Down by Sam Smith (Flume Remix)


In case you missed it, yesterday the internet went crazy because Harley Streten AKA Flume came out of hiding and released a teaser remix (Sam Smith‘s track, “Lay Me Down”), leading up to his upcoming album which is coming to your ears real soon.

Though Flume has experimented with remixing some different genres of music (from indie rock like Arcade Fire to pop electronic like Lorde), typically there are some markers that give him a signature sound, such as his distinctive drops.

Yet more recently he’s started to develop and mature his sound and this can really be seen in this track – he hints at drops, draws them out and uses more restraint in this remix. Have a listen:


Needless to say, we are waiting with bated breath for his second album which is bound to be jam-packed full of bangers. No pressure though, Harley.

By Erin Rooney


Our Winter Favourites Playlist

Springtime in Australia is just around the corner, and because of this we thought it was an appropriate time to celebrate some of our favourite tracks from this year’s Winter season. Highlighting a mixture of Vinyl Garden featured tunes and some we haven’t shared with you yet, sit back, snuggle up and help us say farewell to Winter 2014.



By Sophie Henry 


Song of the Week: Stay with Me


A song that we have been loving this week and that has been getting a lot of international attention since its release is Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me”.

Sam’s smooth vocals, which you might recognise from his feature on Disclosure’s track “Latch” are stunningly beautiful, and although this track is a bit mainstream, it is a good listen. The gospel chorus and heartbreaking melody will connect with anyone lovesick listener, as Rolling Stone’s Mike Powell commented “If ninth-graders still made mixtapes for their crushes, this would be on all of them” (2014).

Keep an ear out for Sam’s new album In The Lonely Hour which will be released 26th May 2014.

Listen Here to my favourite remix of the track by Rainer + Grimm: 


Powell, Mike (2014) ‘Sam Smith, Stay With Me Review’, Rolling Stone, available at:, date of entry: 06/04/14

By Sophie Henry