Venue Picks: The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop

Hidden away in a dark little corner of Sydney city, The Barber Shop is a secret music gem for all lovers of jazz and French tattooed bar tenders.

When I first heard their name “The Barber Shop”, I got really excited by the prospect of walking in to find a barbershop quartet singing sweet poppy tunes. Whilst there was no singing quartet, the venue rocked a 1920s look and a cosy space, hosting a smooth, smooth five-piece jazz band on Thursday nights. Amongst their music services, they also offer hair cuts to men with a free cocktail in the process, serve local crafted cider The Apple Thief and create exceptionally pretty (though pricy) cocktails.

Full to the brim, the crowd is spread with in-the-know, young, trendy professionals cooling off after work and a couple of older jazz lovers here and there. The whole back alley carries this same feel, with whiskey bar The Baxter Inn just opposite, leaving options open to kick on after you’ve had your fill of cool jazz (their Whiskey Apples are to die for!).

You can find The Barber Shop down an alleyway at 89 York Street, Sydney – don’t forget to don your finest dapper outfit.

This venue in a song:

By Erin Rooney


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